Michael Dell, 7-inch Android Tablet Is Coming

Posted on 22. Sep, 2010 by in Tablets

Dell 7-inch Tablet - Michael DellBack in April of 2010 pictures leaked of what was being touted as a Dell 7-inch and 10-inch tablet. The picture looked to only be a graphic render but what is in Michael Dell’s hands is a 7-inch Dell tablet. The tablet just from the picture looks like the 5-inch Streak, which Dell released on the market a few months ago.

Michael Dell made this showing during his keynote speech at Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Conference. He didn’t give specifications details in his speech or even a plan for release date. He only said that Dell will offer a 7-inch Android tablet soon.

More news is sure to come for this 7-inch Dell tablet. We just hope they don’t go the same route they did with the Streak and put out a tablet with an outdated version of Android. It would be nice to see a tablet that features the Android 3.0 OS that we keep hearing about. [Via]

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