Apple iPad Accounts For 82% Of US Tablet Market

Posted on 05. May, 2011 by in Tablets

Apple iPad first generation customer A new Nielsen Company survey of US tablet owners has found that the Apple iPad holds an 82% stake in the country. The survey was recently conducted is likely to have included recent Apple iPad 2 (second generation) buyers, iPad 2 was launched in the US early in the month of March too large demand.

According to Nielsen iPad owners for their survey were split pretty close between Wi-Fi only and 3G equipped model ownership of the 9.7-inch iPad tablet. A total of 39% said they had a Wi-Fi only model and 43% said they had 3G equipped models.

How did Apple’s competitors fare in the survey? Samsung, who Apple recently sued for copying the look and feel of their products with their Galaxy line of products, managed to grab a 4% stake in the US market. Dell with their Streak tablets accounted for 3% and the first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet the Motorola XOOM held onto just 2%.

Apple’s grip on the tablet market could have been even more if they didn’t have a shortage as they do now for the iPad 2, the iPad 1 which was launched in 2010 is out of production now. According to Apple’s COO Tim Cook the company has the ‘mother of all backlogs’ for the iPad 2.

The first generation iPad launched in 2010 has sold over 15 million units to date and the second generation model has sold over 2 million units so far this year. When Apple first unveiled the iPad in 2010 many lauded the device and the $500 starting price it wore, but a year later the Apple has caused a serious shake up in the tech industry with that one device. This year alone all the top PC vendors have announced/released tablets of their very own to contend with the iPad.

Final sales figures for tablets in the year of 2011 are destined to have Apple at the lead of the pack, but years to come might be another story. Many makers like ASUS and Samsung have created some compelling devices design wise and now with Android 3.0 Honeycomb getting going those two makers and others looking to get into the tablet market will have a platform to rally around.

Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system is the first tablet specific operating system designed by the company.

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