Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 HDMI Dongle & More Accessories Priced

Posted on 23. May, 2011 by in Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories GermanyThe official Samsung accessories for the unreleased Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet are being now listed on Samsung’s German online store, with the option to buy. The prices are in Euros but the USD prices will most likely be in-line numerically with the prices available now.

The listed accessories include a keyboard dock (€ 79.90), a docking station for charging (€ 34.90), a HDMI output adapter (€ 29.90), a USB and SD card reader adapter bundle (€ 29.90), a leather bag for the tablet (€ 29.90), a tablet sleeve (€ 69.90), Bluetooth ear bud headphones (€ 79.90), and a tablet case with Bluetooth keyboard (€ 149.90).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 PDMI portMost of those accessories will be using the PDMI port on the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to function, the 10.1 has no other ports on the Wi-Fi only models launching next month. The PDMI port is on the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch tablet. If you aren’t too hot on the prices for those accessories just listed third-party makers should release moderately priced accessories soon after the launch of the 10.1, just as they did for the original 7-inch Tab.


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  1. acupuncture

    23. May, 2011

    looks like Samsung is copying apple in more ways then one–charge high prices for accessories. I’ll stick with a tablet that gives me standard ports and an sd slot, than you.

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  4. [...] for USB, HDMI or SD cards and if you want those things you’ll have to shell out more money to Samsung for adapters.Another thing is the price of the Tab 10.1 is still quite high at $529.99 there are other tablets [...]

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