15 Tablets That Will Be Released Soon, And Their Details

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Modern Tablet ComputingThe tablet market has exploded in 2011! Back in 2010 when Apple breathed new life into the tablet market with the release of the 9.7-inch iPad quality tablets were in short supply. Fast forward to this year and it’s a totally different market, there is a very nice array of quality tablets and by years end the selection will have grown even more bountiful.

However every company that has announced tablets has been able to get their products to market just yet. And with the daily flood of tablet news it’s easy to forget about which models are still coming soon. To help you get organized I have created a list of 15 already unveiled tablets that will be launching soon. Along with the list each model mentioned has some important details about features included with it, and known prices and exact release dates are included to when available.

Keep in mind that the following list is in alphabetical order.

1. Acer ICONIA Tab A100

Acer ICONIA TAB A100The Acer ICIONA Tab A100 was supposed to be the very first 7-inch Google Android Honeycomb tablet but due to delays that title might be out of reach.

Included with the A100 is a 7-inch WSVGA (1024 x 600) resolution capacitive multi-touch display, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core SoC, 512MB of RAM, dual cameras, 8GB of built-in flash storage, a microSD card slot, mini USB 2.0 and HDMI ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and an estimated weight of 470 grams.

The launch of the Acer ICONIA Tab A100 is expected to take place soon, and when the tablet is launch a 8GB Wi-Fi model will be sold for $349 at retailers like Wal-Mart.

2. ARCHOS 80 G9

ARCHOS 80 G9 Android TabletThe ARCHOS 80 G9 is the 8-inch member of the new Gen 9 family of Android tablets unveiled by ARCHOS. Other than offering lots of performance a main goal for the 80 G9 was to keep things affordable, and I believe that ARCHOS has done that very well.

Features for the 80 G9 tablet include an 8-inch XGA (1024 x 768) resolution touchscreen, the 1.5 GHz TI OMAP4460 dual-core SoC, Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS, 16GB of flash storage or a 250GB Seagate Momentus Mini Hard Disk Drive (HDD), a microSDHC card slot (for 16GB models only), a USB 2.0 and HDMI port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS and up to 10 hours of web browsing battery life.

Archos plans to launch the new ARCHOS 80 G9 tablet this September with a start price of $279.

3. ARCHOS 101 G9

ARCHOS 101 G9 Android TabletAs the soon to be top of the line 10.1-inch ARCHOS tablet the recently unveiled ARCHOS 101 G9 tablet offers a lot of great features. The new 101 is among the new Gen 9 Android tablets unveiled by ARCHOS recently.

The tablet features a 10.1-inch WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution touchscreen, an industry leading 1.5 GHz TI OMAP4460 dual-core processing chip, Google’s Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS, the option for 16GB of flash memory based storage or 250GB of HDD storage, a USB 2.0 and HDMI port, a microSDHC card slot (for 16GB models only), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS and up to 10 hours of web browsing battery life.

The ARCHOS 101 G9 will start at $349 and go on sale this September.

4. ASUS Eee Pad Slider

Asus Eee Pad Slider frontAfter a minor specifications change ASUS plans to release the 10.1-inch Eee Pad Slider this year, which was announced back in January at CES 2011. The new and improved (?) Slider will boost an 1.5 GHz Intel Atom Z670 “Oak Trail” processor, before the Android Honeycomb tablet had a NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip inside of it.

The Slider offers a 10.1-inch WXGA resolution multi-touch IPS display, Android 3.1 Honeycomb, a QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a USB 2.0 and a mini HDMI port, a microSD card slot, and up to 9 hours of battery life.

ASUS UK has announced the Slider will be coming soon but the Taiwanese company hasn’t announced a price.

5. HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad tabletHP will be launch their first WebOS tablet the 9.7-inch TouchPad in just a matter of weeks, and the tablet has already been made available for pre-order in anticipation of the launch.

The TouchPad will ship with WebOS 3.0, a 9.7-inch XGA (1024×768) resolution multi-touch display, a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor, a front-facing camera, a mini USB 2.0 port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, HP Touchstone technology, stereo speakers with Dr.Dre Beats Audio, and the tablet weights approx. 1.6 pounds.

You will be able to get the HP TouchPad on July 1st in the US in your choice of a $499 16GB Wi-Fi or $599 32GB Wi-Fi model.

6. Huawei MediaPad

Huawei MediaPad Google Android 3.2 Honeycomb 7-inch TabletAnnounced only recently the Huawei MediaPad is the fastest, smallest and smartest tablet that Huawei has ever offered (by their own admission). The portable 7-inch tablet will be the first tablet to rock Android 3.2 Honycomb the Honeycomb version fit for 7-inch tablets, according to Huawei.

Technically the MediaPad is set to feature Android 3.2, a 7-inch WSVGA resolution touchscreen, a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor and Adreno 220 GPU, microSD and SIM card slots, and a 0.4-inch (10.5mm) thin design that weights 0.86 pounds (390g).

Huawei hasn’t unveiled a price for the MediaPad but the company plans to release the tablet sometime in the third quarter of this year.

7. Lenovo IdeaPad K1

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 front offThe Lenovo IdeaPad K1 has been released already but under a different name and in China only. The IdeaPad K1 is set to come to the US and other markets soon with Google’s Android and more in-toe.

Exposed features include a 10.1-inch WXGA resolution multi-touch screen, dual cameras, Wi-Fi b/g/n, 32GB of storage, and up to 10 hours of battery life. Design wise the K1 is expected to come in a White color with an Aluminum rear case, the weight of the K1 is estimated at 1.6 pounds.

Lenovo is expected to launch the IdeaPad K1 shortly in the US for $499 (32GB model). However the company hasn’t announced any dates or pricing just yet.

8. MSI WindPad 110W

MSI WindPad 110W front and backThe MSI WindPad 110W is going to be the first AMD Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) powered Windows slate offered by MSI. And the best part is the 110W isn’t priced right in-line with the iPad and many of the high-end Android tablets.

Features for the 110W include a 10.1-inch IPS WXGA resolution capacitive multi-touch display, a 1 GHz AMD Z01 dual-core APU, 2GB DDR3 RAM (Max. 4GB), 32/64 GB SSD, an SD/SDHC card reader, micro HDMI and USB 2.0 ports, dual cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless, 10/100 Ethernet LAN, Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional and more (see more specs. here).

MSI is expected to start shipping the WindPad 110W in early July but the company hasn’t announced their own official price for the tablet PC. You can pre-order the tablet for $599 on ExcaliberPC.com with a 32GB SSD and Windows 7 Home Premium.

9. Olivetti OliPad 110

Olivetti OliPad 110 frontAs the next Italy exclusive tablet the Olivetti OliPad 110 had to offer some nice new features over its predecessor the OliPad 100, and it does. Olivetti has managed to include a higher-res. display, high spec. dual cameras, and drop some grams for the new OliPad 110.

Olivetti plans to include a 10.1-inch WXGA resolution touchscreen, Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS, a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core chip, dual cameras (2MP front and 5MP rear), 16GB of built-in flash memory storage, a mini-USB port, micro-HDMI port, microSD card reader, and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G wireless support, and the new tablet weights 600 grams.

The Olivetti OliPad 110 tablet will hit the Italian market this July with a retail price around €399.

10. Panasonic Toughbook

Panasonic Toughbook Android tabletThe Panasonic Toughbook tablet is the first rugged Android tablet and according to Panasonic the tablet will be an enterprise ready device.

The features unveiled by Panasonic thus far for this tablet include a 10.1-inch XGA resolution capacitive multi-touch display with stylus support, a sunlight viewable LCD, satellite-based GPS, all-day battery life, hardware embedded security, and optional embedded 3G/4G mobile broadband. In the press photos released the Toughbook is shown running on Android 2.x.

Panasonic plans to launch the Toughbook tablet in Q4 of this year but the price hasn’t been decided yet.

11. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 photo mediumThe Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the middle-child in Samsung’s young Galaxy Tab tablet family. The 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab 8.9 is going to be one of the thinnest tablets in the world upon release, just like the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 10.1 that has already launched is.

Features for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 include an 8.9-inch WXGA resolution capacitive multi-touch PLS display, a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core SoC, 1 GB of RAM, 16GB/32GB of flash storage built-in, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a PDMI connector for charging/syncing and for optional accessories. The dimensions for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 are 470 grams for weight and 8.6 mm for thinness.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Tab 8.9 really soon in the US and Europe. Pricing for the new Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be competitive at $479.99 for 16GB Wi-Fi and $569 for 32GB Wi-Fi, prices for some countries can be seen here.

12. Sony S1

Sony S1 tablet in handsThe 9.4-inch Sony S1 was unveiled along-side it’s portable S2 partner. With the Sony S1 tablet you will find a wedge-style design, PlayStation games and other great software all included. Sony wants the S1 to be the big media tablet users will turn to for prolonged movie viewing, the wedge design is supposed to make the tablet more comfortable to hold.

For internal features the Sony S1 offers Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core SoC, a 9.4-inch WXGA resolution touchscreen, dual cameras, Wi-Fi and WAN (3G/4G) support, DLNA streaming support, and Sony Qriosity and PlayStation Suite integrated.

Sony is expected to start offering the S1 tablet this Fall (September at the earliest) but no pricing has surfaced just yet.

13. Sony S2

Sony S2 Tablet in handsThe dual-screen Sony S2 tablet shocked the industry when it was announced a few months ago. The design is what the industry calls clam-shell, but the functionality when the tablet is opened is what’s cool. The bottom display can be used as a virtual gamepads for PlayStation games (which Sony will be launching for the Sony S1 and S2 tablets).

Features wise the Sony S2 has Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system, two 5.5-inch 1,024 x 480 resolution touchscreens, a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core chip, a rear-facing camera, Wi-Fi and WAN (3G/4G) support, DLNA streaming support, and Sony Qriosity integrated.

Sony is expected to launch the S2 tablet this Fall (September at the earliest) but a price hasn’t been unveiled yet for the unique tablet.

14. Toshiba Thrive

Toshiba Thrive tablet and optional rubber backplatesThe Toshiba Thrive tablet got its name late but the features and basic design were outed months before. The 10.1-inch Thrive will be the second Google Android tablet launched by the Japanese maker but it will be the first Honeycomb tablet.

Included with the Thrive are some very unique features along with some not-so unique features. The tablet has a WXGA resolution capacitive multi-touch LCD, a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 SoC, 1 GB of RAM, 8/16/32 GB storage, dual cameras, full-size HDMI and USB 2.0 ports, mini-USB 2.0, Bluetooth and Wi-fi, an easily removable battery, and switchable rubber backplates (Navy Blue, Green, Light Purple, Pink and Silver color options).

Toshiba is expected to launch the Thrive tablet mid-July for $429.99 for 8GB’s of storage, $479.99 for 16GB and $579.99 for 32GB. You can pre-order one now, see your retail options for pre-orders here.

15. Vizio VIA Tablet

Vizio Via TabletAs Vizio’s first tablet the 8-inch VIA Tablet has a bit riding on it. Right now Vizio is representing the VIA Tablet as being a complimentary device that was designed to work best with Vizio branded HDTV’s and optical media players. The tablet itself features a built-in IR blaster so it can be used as a remote for televisions.

For technical features the VIA Tablet is claimed as offering an XGA resolution capacitive touchscreen, Android OS, a 1 GHz processing chip, 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, built-in GPS radio, a microSD card slot, HD video output over HDMI, and a front-facing camera.

Vizio is expected to launch the VIA Tablet at popular retailers like Wal-Mart for $349 sometime next month.

16. ViewSonic ViewPad 7x

ViewSonic ViewPad 7x - A 7-inch Google Android Honeycomb tabletThe ViewSonic ViewPad 7x tablet was unveiled at Computex Taipei 2011 this year, and ViewSonic reps. announced that the 7x would be the first 7-inch Honeycomb tablet.

The tablet itself features a 7-inch WSVGA resolution capacitive multi-touch screen, a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core SoC, HSPA+ mobile broadband support, dual cameras (front, rear), micro HDMI, mini-USB 2.0, DLNA support and SRW TruMedia support too.

ViewSonic hasn’t announced a release date or price yet for the ViewPad 7x.

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  1. Troy

    26. Jun, 2011

    If Acer A100 is wi-fi only … how does A-GPS work? Cause it won’t be assisted.

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    • TabletMan

      26. Jun, 2011

      Actually I’m not to sure about A-GPS being included, there is/was supposed to be a 3G model so that is where the A-GPS feature came from most likely. The post has been updated without the A-GPS feature, so not to confuse anyone.

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  2. kappadon

    26. Jun, 2011

    At this rate Android fans will have a different Tablet for every user. why would I buy a Android device today when I can wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. for the next great thing. Mean while at the Ranch, Apple is selling Millions of IPADS.

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  3. Dan ziferstein

    26. Jun, 2011

    Any hamdwriting recognition on the horizon? What is wrong with these people?

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  4. Dan ziferstein

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    Handwriting recognition anywhere in sight?

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  6. Troy

    26. Jun, 2011

    Anyone know of a new or upcoming 7 inch tablet worth having, that gets GPS without assistance? Don’t say ipad, cause I want flash support.


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  7. Good News

    26. Jun, 2011

    With all this competition, we should expect prices to drop dramatically in 6-12 months.

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  8. rita

    26. Jun, 2011

    Where is Acer Iconia Tab W500 Windows 7 Tablet , ?
    you believe in the success of Tablets with Android system ?
    I don,t believe that….

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  9. jj

    03. Jul, 2011

    Cant wait for viewpad 7x :-)

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  10. Manosteel

    04. Jul, 2011

    I’m getting spoiled by my Viewpad 7. Now I want a 7 inch phone with 4G, not just 3G. Troy, as far as I can tell, none of the Tablets in this article will make a normal phone call. But I feel your frustration. It was hard enough to find a 7 inch phone in the US. I can’t wait for a 4G 7 inch. If it were easy to read too that would be awesome. But as long as US cellular companies continue to force the phone makers to disable the phone features in their tablets before they will subsidize and advertise them in the US the general public like us will be the last to know when a new tablet with voice calling capability is even produced. Good luck with finding any size phone with kindle legibility. That sounds like a tall order that is likely on almost no one’s to-do list.

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    • fo

      05. Jul, 2011

      “7 inch phone”, What are you a troll? :) :)

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    • kt lwin

      06. Jul, 2011

      I bought a Huawei s7 tablet from best buy last year and it has an internl slot for gsm sim card. you can use as android tablet 2.2 or as phone. i find it better than other tablets for Skype.
      if you can wait a new and better model called media player will be out soon. hope this helps.

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  11. Jim

    04. Aug, 2011

    I dont know why tablet makers have to format them with such large frames. Its like LCD TVs from 5 years ago. Less is more. A modern tablet should have a minimal bezel.

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      05. Jan, 2012

      its company tactic to make tab with frame, because next time they will make another tab without frame.

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