AMD Brazos-T APU Class Details Leak, Tablet Optimized In Time For Windows 8

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AMD and Intel TabletIf Intel had any plans of x86 based tablets being all theirs for years too come AMD is working to disrupt those plans. A new info leak suggests that AMD is planning to release a brand new class of tablet optimized Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), the new platform is named Brazos-T and the chips will be nicknamed Hondo.

In this first slide obtained by Turkish tech website Donamin Haber the features for the Hondo APUs are detailed. Also in the table right before the Hondy APUs you’ll see some of the details from the already unveiled Desna APUs.

AMD Brazos-T Platform Overview 01From this first table the new Hondo APUs will offer dual-core computing and DirectX 11 graphics, just like the already revealed Desna. However the power consumption is estimated at about 2W for the Hondo range. Also the Hondo chips appear to have a lot more tech inside them like optimized Bobcat cores and a Fusion Controller Hub (FCH). The estimated release time of Q2 2011 is clear to see as well along with the declaration “Time-to-Market Windows 8″.

AMD Brazos-T Platform Overview 02AMD Brazos-T Platform Overview 03Those two other slides were also obtained by Donamin Haber. In those two slides you can observe that more info on the APU design and features get detailed. We learn that the Hondo APUs will have Hudson M2T Fusion Controller Hub (FCH).

Also we can learn that the Hondo APUs is designed to enable systems (tablets) to have active standby for an always on always connected experience. Other things like power efficent 720p HD video playback and web browsing are important things to note.

However in regard to general features for systems of the past the new Hondo APUs won’t support a lot of things that the current Desna APUs do. For instance the Hondo APUs will do away with support for PCIe, SATA 6GB/sec (in favor of 3GB/sec), USB 1.0, and VGA.

Right now the Hondo APUs will run on the discrete-class AMD Radeon HD 6250 integrated GPU. The 6250 is the same GPU inside the AMD Z-01 Desna APU that launched recently, the GPU is clocked at 276MHz and supports DirectX 11 graphics and HD video playback.

More details are sure to come, but for now this is all that has surfaced on the AMD Brazos-T Hondo APU family.

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