T-Mobile Really Wants You To Buy Their LG G-Slate 3D Tablet

Posted on 22. Jul, 2011 by in Tablets

T-Mobile and LG G-SlateThe T-Mobile G-Slate or LG G-Slate, either name is fine, is a tablet that came on the scene with quite a bit of hype and market interest. However upon finding out that T-Mobile, the exclusive dealer for the HSPA+ tablet in the U.S., was charging $529.99 on contract and $749.99 off-contract for the tablet all that interest faded quickly. Ever since it first launched in April the G-Slate has been subject too two price reductions until now the on-contract price is $399.99 after a $200 mail-in-rebate at T-Mobile USA.

Although even that price drop doesn’t seem to have been enough. T-Mobile has refocused their efforts on the competition and how their tablet is better. So, T-Mobile created a new comparison chart for the G-Slate on T-Mobile.com and on that comparison chart the G-Slate is put up against the Motorola XOOM and Apple iPad 2 3G tablets.

The comparison chart delves deeper than just comparing tech specs, data speed and pricing plans are also charted for each separate tablet. And as you might assume the T-Mobile comparison chart does favor the G-Slate in many key areas, with correct info too.

However one part of the chart has caused a stir online, that one part is the one where T-Mobile claims their G-Slate is “2X faster than the iPad 2 on AT&T and Verizon 3X faster than the Xoom on Verizon”. This boisterous claim is backed by some fine print, as you might expect, and the fine print says “Speed claim based on comparison of devices on T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ 42 Mbps network, AT&T’s HSPA+ network, and Verizon’s 3G network”.

T-Mobile G-Slate vs Motorola XOOM 3G vs Apple iPad 2 3G comparison chartComparing theoretical mobile broadband speeds is a fickle matter because getting close to the carrier advertised speeds for your 3G/4G/etc. device requires you stay only in specific locations. However T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ equipped G-Slate does have the best odds of getting faster broadband speeds than the Apple iPad 2 or Motorola XOOM, from a theoretical standpoint, that can’t be doubted.

Now comes the hard part, do you want to tie yourself down to a two-year data contract just to get a tablet that could theoretically give you 42 Mbps speeds? If you yes T-Mobile will gladly sell you the 4G HSPA+ G-Slate tablet right now binding that you have the necessary $639.98 to cover the cost of the tablet and activation (pre-$200 mail-in-rebate and taxes).

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