Next-gen Archos ARNOVA Budget 8-inch Tablet On The Way, FCC Cleared

Posted on 07. Aug, 2011 by in Tablets

The Archos Arnova budget brand will soon gain a new 8-inch tablet. The Archos Arnova 8 G2 has been spotted at the FCC, where the tablet was photographed, tested and certified. According to FCC photos the Arnova 8 G2 will look like this…

Now it’s not the best design but a budget tablet is never beautiful. The Arnova 8 G2 is going to be the follow-up to the sub-$200 Arnova 8, the first generation model was launched earlier this year right beside the 10-inch Arnova 10.

The FCC info release included a digital version of the manual that buyers will get out of the box with their Arnova 8 G2, with that a fair amount of features pegged for the Arnova 8 G2 were exposed.

For starters the tablet will run an Android 2.x operating system, no Honeycomb for you, the version is likely Android 2.2 Froyo. Secondly the tablet will have a front facing camera, a Micro-SD card slot, a Micro-USB port, Wi-Fi only and AppsLib instead of the Android Market. Finally the tablet will make use of a new design that borrows a bit from the Archos 80 G9 that’s coming soon for the sub-$300 market.

The ARM processor, amount of RAM, built-in flash storage, and the future retail price are each unknown at this time. However the Arnova 8 G2 is believed to be on the way to market this month for between $180 and $200.

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