A new Motorola XOOM tablet that’s designed for your family spotted

Posted on 07. Oct, 2011 by in Tablets

Motorola XOOM Family Edition leak 01Did you think that the first generation Motorola XOOM was designed for family use? If you did you were dead wrong, apparently, a new Motorola XOOM Family Edition tablet is coming soon that will be suitable for a family. The XOOM Family Edition has been spied by some Engadget tipsters who took a few photos of the tablet and it’s packaging. The photos of the actual tablet revealed that it will feature a different rear design than the first Motorola XOOM that wasn’t designed for families.

What makes the Motorola XOOM Family Edition fit for a family? Well according to the packaging the tablet will ship with special child friendly software that will make the tablet alright for young children (under 8 years old), and it will ship with more than $40 worth of other software (games and productivity applications).

The child friendly software is called Zoodles and when activated it puts the tablet into Kid Mode, meaning that a child can only access kids games and videos that are educational. The Zoodles program has been available since 2010 as a standalone product that works with everything from tablets to laptops/desktops.

You see the first Motorola XOOM didn’t come with Zoodles and $40 worth of other software, thus, it wasn’t family ready out of the box.

The full specifications for the Motorola XOOM Family Edition tablet aren’t available at this time but the leaked photos do give away a few features. According to the photos of the tablet and it’s packaging it will feature dual cameras (front, rear), Android 3.x Honeycomb, a dual-core processing chip, and an HD screen (prob. 1280-by-800). As of now it’s visible that the tablet will be model name Motorola MZ505, we’ll be keeping an eye 0ut for that model number as we inch closer the 2011 holiday shopping season (the most likely time this tablet will be launched).

Like you might expect there is no official price or release date for this tablet at this time.


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