Android receives last major Adobe Flash Player update with 11.1, security updates only from now on

Posted on 11. Nov, 2011 by in Tablets

Adobe Flash Player logoAdobe yesterday released Adobe Flash Player as their last major update to the Flash Player update for Android devices. The new update brought, “performance improvements and bug fixes related to security and stability”. According to Adobe security patches is all that Android users should expect to see from them for the Adobe Flash Player plugin for Android.

Adobe executive in charge of interactive development, Danny Winokur, said in a blog post, “We will of course continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device configurations”.

Earlier this week reports hit the Internet that Adobe would be ditching their pursuit for Flash Player on mobile devices, Adobe later confirmed those reports in a blog post where the company said they would be focusing on HTML5 and Adobe Air apps going forward.

Speaking of Adobe Air the Android specific version of that piece of software has also been updated too. The new Adobe AIR released promises, “performance improvements and bug fixes related to security and stability”, pretty much what the Adobe Flash Player update promises. With Adobe Air Android users can run AIR apps, those apps don’t require your browser but that’s where you’ll have to go find them initially.


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One Response to “Android receives last major Adobe Flash Player update with 11.1, security updates only from now on”

  1. Monty Python

    13. Nov, 2011

    Microsoft is integrating Silverlight Player plugin into WP7′s browser. RIM is already working on integrating a FLASH Player into QNX Browser on Playbook. They are expected to have a FLASH Player integrated right into next gen Blackberry devices too. Proving HTML5 is far from ready for Prime Time!

    No doubt Google will integrate their own FLASH Player into Android, as they did Chrome browser. Afterall it’s only FLASH creation tools that are proprietary and where Adobe makes their money. You will not see that change….. and with 3D Molehill API’s FLASH has become the front runner for 3D content creation on the Web.

    WebGL was Apple’s baby in the Khronos Group development of API standards hoping to get it into the W3C HTML5 Standards. Even Google has backed off on WebGL, because Microsoft won’t support it. There is absolutely no comparison between the two either. Adobe’s Alchemy compiler just made FLASH Actionscript the Master of 3D content on the web.

    Epic games demonstrated Unreal Engine 3 running UT3 in a FLASH App w/ better graphics than the original, running in a browser. This was made possible because of Alchemy’s ability to transcode C++ directly into Actionscript (FLASH code format) to run in your browser. Create in C++ or any C language (including Objective C w/ Adobe tools) and run your Apps anywhere FLASH or AIR are installed!

    FLASH DEAD??? haha….. right! ;-P only those that don’t have it or don’t know they have FLASH Player (in AIR) are busy spreading these ridiculous rumors. I therefore commend you on not so readily joining in on this Charlatan Masquerade of RDF and FUD’d Bullshizt beating up on FLASH’s very bright future!

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