Google tablet coming in six months, Google’s Eric Schmidt proclaims

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Google Nexus tablet mock-up old

Old Google tablet mock-up from 2010 when rumors for a Google branded tablet were at their height. Image: Glen Murphy/Google

The ever elusive Google Nexus tablet is finally coming if Google’s own executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, is to be taken at his word. In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Ser Eric Schmidt said, “in the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.” Now with those words the Internet is running with the idea that Schmidt means Google is going to release a Nexus branded tablet, because the smartphones that Google markets all fall under the Nexus branding (see Samsung Galaxy Nexus).

No specifics were divulged in the interview by Schmidt so anything is possible for the Nexus tablet at this point in time.

Predictions: In six months I have a hard time believing that Google would unveil a tablet with anything less than a quad-core processing chip and technologies like NFC and Google Wallet being backed in. I also think that Google will launch their Nexus tablet in Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi+4G/3G connectivity to give their buyers more choice. Motorola could be the manufacturer of choice for the Nexus tablet, all of the Nexus phones that Google has pushed have been made by other companies with experience in the industry, since Google acquired Motorola this year they’re a likely choice for making any Nexus tablet.

–This might not mean anything but the Motorola XOOM was the first tablet to launch with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and it was the official Google Experience tablet for North America.–

But, all of that is just my own opinion and I wouldn’t place any huge bets on either of those predictions.

What is going to happen at Google in six months?

In recent weeks Google’s Eric Schmidt has been predicting a lot of major things for his company six months down the road. Earlier this month Schmidt said that in six months Android will overtake Apple’s iOS as the go-to platform for application development by developers. And before talking about developer interest Schmidt claimed that his companies Google TV product would be built-in to the majority of televisions in 2012.

Google is clearly going places fast, but is six months just Schmidt playing up to the media or is that much Google dominance possible in a mere six months?

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    20. Dec, 2011

    Waiting for this…!!!

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