Fujitsu LifeBook T580 Convertible Netbook Tablet Coming In 2011

The convertible tablets we’ve seen thus far have been big and bulky, and just not very portable. Fujitsu in 2011 is looking to add something new to the mix in 2011. They plan to introduce a portable convertible netbook tablet that can do the things your laptop can do.

The tablet as of now is being called the LifeBook T580 and it will come with a 10.1″ touchscreen –Berliner glass will be used for the display–. The T580 will also come with dual digitizer stylus pens because the display will be able to use both finger touch and stylus touch.

The product will come with a Intel Core i5 processor, which is a more than capable processor. Some of the other features for this LifeBook include GPS, optional 3G, an eight hour battery. The total weight for everything will be 1.4kg (~3lbs.), which is on par with many netbooks currently available. The device is set to be available sometime in Q2 2011 for an undisclosed price.

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