Fusion Garage Coming With New JooJoo 2 Tablet Soon

JooJoo Tablet 2Fusion Garage released the JooJoo tablet earlier this past summer, their first product ever. The company, who is currently in litigation over the tablet, didn’t see too much success with the 12.1″ JooJoo. The company is hoping for a better go in 2011 when they plan to release a new Android backed JooJoo 2 tablet.

The new JooJoo 2 will run a version of Android OS (Gingerbread probably) that will be according to sources “heavily customized”. An example of the customization that the new JooJoo will feature is, a unified email/social networking service.

This news brings some bad news for the first JooJoo tablet, the company plans to end production of the first iteration of the JooJoo upon release of the new JooJoo 2. The company will still offer support for customers who own the first version of JooJoo.

As of now we can hope to maybe see the JooJoo 2 get showcased at CES 2011 or around that time. The sources say the JooJoo 2 will be launched in early 2011, no word on pricing at this time. [Via]

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