Popular U.S. Drug Store Selling $99 Android Tablet For Christmas

Maylong M-150 Android TabletThe Christmas shopping season is just getting started up and Walgreen’s has just begun to offer a Android tablet on their website. The popular drug store chain is doing what K-Mart did this past Summer when they offered the $150 Augen Gentouch 78, but Walgreen’s is going to offer their tablet for just $99 (mark down from the $129.99 original price).

The tablet being offered is named the Maylong M-150. The Maylong tablet runs the aging Android 1.6 OS and will probably come without access to Google Marketplace out of the box. The display on the Maylong tablet is a 7-inch (800 x 480) resistive touchscreen TFT LCD display (comes with a Stylus). The 7-inch tablet is powered by a ARM9(VM8505+) CPU and comes with just 256MB of DDR memory and no built-in storage.

The Maylong M-150 tablet for storage comes with a SD card slot. Other things featured on the budget android tablet includes USB, RJ45, built-in speaker (1W) and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connectivity. The tablet weights only 12oz., is 0.3″ thin and is supplied a 1500MA Li-Polymer battery (no word on the battery life). [Walgreen’s]

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