Asus To Unveil A Intel Core i5 Powered 12-inch Tablet PC Later This Month?

Could you imagine seeing Asus unveil a 12-inch tablet PC running on a Intel Core i5 CPU this month? Well that is the exact reality that is being proposed by the folks at Digitimes. Digitimes if you haven’t heard of them before is something of a Wikileaks of the tech world with their specialty being getting insider info from Asia-based tech companies like Asustek (Asus) regarding upcoming products.

Today they are alleging that there will be a 12-inch tablet unveiled later this month by AsusTek. The tablet PC will be powered by an Intel Core i5 CPU according to Digitimes. Also the tablet will be priced at US$1,000-1,299 (believable number for such a piece of tech) and be sold in Europe and the US.

Their are no photos of the rumored tablet PC but we’re crossing our fingers on the tablet looking a lot like the already unveiled Asus Eee Pad EP121 Windows 7 tablet (pictured above).

Source: Digitimes

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