Zoomed Pics of Two Asus Eee Pad Tablets At Hand; Keyboard and USB 3.0

Asus has already announced they will be bringing out three Eee Pad tablets in 2011. Asus has even released some rendered images for some of the tablets. However before today we haven’t seen images of physical Eee Pad tablets.

Above and below there are images released today by Asus associates to drum up some hype for their upcoming unveiling. The pictures show two different Asus Eee Pad tablets. One tablet has a keyboard and a USB 3.0 port, the other has dual cameras (1x front facing and 1x rear facing) and a visibly textured rear case design.

For in-depth details we will have to wait a little over a week for CES 2011 where Asus plans to unveil the tablets.

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