Motorola XOOM 4G Upgrade: What Owners Have To Do & No Rooted Tablets

The 6 business day upgrade process from 3G to 4G LTE for the Motorola XOOM has been criticized as unprofessional and sloppy but Motorola to their credit do offer the upgrade completely for free. However we still think Motorola should have waited to launch the XOOM until they had the 4G hardware that is necessary available for install in all the current 3G XOOM’s.

But that isn’t the path that was chosen and there is under 90 days left until the upgrading activities can kick off. With the bad press they have gotten Motorola has been very quick to release a detailed explanation of what they will need 3G XOOM customers now and in the future to do for their upgrade to 4G LTE.

The step by step run-down straight from Motorola is available in full un-abridged detail here.

However there is still one more thing that has developed just today regarding this upgrade process. A Motorola support forum posting answering a customers questions about rooted XOOM’s and the upgrade yielded that Motorola will not be upgrading any system that is sent to them that is rooted i.e. not stock Android 3.0 Honeycomb as it was when you bought it.

The forum post wasn’t the most detailed but it clearly stated Motorola won’t be upgrading a rooted XOOM. The only question remains is will Motorola count it against you if you root but then reset your XOOM to stock. On the support forum Motorola has added a special section for rooted/hacked devices so we believe they will be lenient and still upgrade your device as long as it is set to them in it’s stock form.

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