Samsung Teases Upcoming Tablet, Could It Be An 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab?

Coming off the announcement last month of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 at Mobile World Congress, Samsung is already getting the hype going online about a new Galaxy Tab coming to a special March 22nd event.

The graphic at the head of the post was posted up on Samsung’s Facebook page today. The image shows a tablet with a very textured surface almost like how the back of the recent Galaxy Tab 10.1 was. It would appear that long gone are the days of the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab when Samsung saw smooth plastic as the way to go with tablet.

Right now the chatter online is that the new Tab will be an 8.9-inch tablet. This chatter doesn’t come from nothing though way back in June of last year before the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab was announced Samsung’s officials were saying their company would be launching a trio of 7, 8 and 10 inch tablets. At the moment Samsung has already delivered the 7-inch model and announced a 10.1-inch model so the 8.9-inch tablet that Yonhap News of Korea cited in a report over a week ago looks to be the next and final model to be announced.

There are still some days before the March 22nd event mentioned in the graphic above, we hope some more images leak of this probable 8.9-inch tablet.

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