Almost Everyone Who Wants A Tablet Wants An Apple iPad, Survey Shows

The popularity of the Apple iPad is undeniable and a new survey has shown that a large majority of potential tablet buyers want an iPad.

Firstly the survey being cited was done by researchers at ChangeWave and they surveyed 3,091 consumers on tablet demand and buying trends including customer satisfaction, tablet cannibalization of other electronic devices, and consumer preference for wireless services for tablets. The survey was done during February, before the Apple iPad 2 was announced in March.

Ok now to the results of this research study. In this first chart those surveyed were asked plainly which tablet they were planning to purchase. As you will see the iPad walked away with 82% while the closest competitor the Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 tablet has just 4% people interested.

This next graphic chart shows customer satisfaction among iPad owners and the rate of very satisfied owners is at 70%. The XOOM, the only distinct competitor that had any buyer interest, wasn’t released in time for the customer satisfaction rate to be correctly measured.

This next chart shows the products potential tablet buyers were going to skip in favor of a tablet. The numbers for this new survey in 2011 are compared to those of an old survey done last year. The Amazon Kindle e-reader is shown to be the most affected product in 2011 as it was in 2010.

Now for the final graphic chart the prospective iPad buyers were polled on what if any type of wireless service providers they would be willing to go with or what store they’d be willing to buying an iPad at. The majority of those polled didn’t have an answer but of those who had answers most wanted to get a Wi-Fi only tablet from a major retailer like Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Target.

The data just referenced isn’t much of a surprise given the time in which the survey was taken. At the time of the survey, January and February 2011, the Apple iPad was the only clear and proven tablet option available. Once more tablets from more companies become available this year it will be interesting to see a follow-up survey to see just how well Apple and their iPad fair with tablet buyers. [Via]

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