Apple iPad 2 Launch Statistics, 70% Of Buyers Were First Time iPad Buyers

Every time a new Apple product is launched it is pretty interesting to see polling results for the buyers that show up on launch day. Today Piper Jaffray, well known pollsters, have released their findings from the March 11th the launch date of Apple’s iPad 2 tablet.

In their findings there are many interesting bits of data. One is that 70% of buyers at launch day were first time buyers for iPad. Another interesting stat was that buyers weren’t all Mac users but in fact their was a large group of non-Mac PC users, 51% Mac users and 49% non-Mac PC users. The last intriguing stat was that 47% of iPad 2 buyers were purchasing a 3G model, which is a ~$130 premium.

You can see more of the results from Piper Jaffray’s study for the iPad 2′s launch here on CNN Fortune.

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