Motorola To Slowly Bring XOOM Tablet Production To End In June?

Would you believe Motorola would be stopping production of their new Motorola XOOM tablet as soon as June? Well that’s the exact scenario being painted by a new report published by Digitimes. The new report cites unnamed, as per usual for Digitimes, sources that are closely involved in the upstream supply chain for the XOOM Android 3.0 tablet.

The source claims that Motorola will be slowly reducing supply orders for the XOOM until they eventually end production in June of this year. That’s right if this source is to be believed Motorola would have been in production for just about 4 months, short lifespan isn’t that?

At their current rate Motorola is expected to have produced between 400,000 and 500,000 XOOM tablets for this month and in the month previous (launch month) Motorola had an estimated 70,000 and 80,000 units produced. At this time Digitimes is reporting industry speculators believe Motorola will reach 3 to 5 million units shipped for the XOOM for the year of 2011.

This new report shouldn’t affect you too much if you are an Android 3.0 fan though. Other makers like Samsung (Galaxy Tab 10.1) and ASUS (Transformer) have some very compelling 10.1″ devices in the pipeline for this year that could very easily fill any void that an absent XOOM could leave.

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