Amazon Throwing Caution To The Wind And Launching Multiple Android Tablets, Rumor Has It

Amazon Android tablet fleet rumorAmazon could be in the lab cooking up multiple Google Android OS based tablets if new rumors prove true. AndroidandMe, a website dedicated to everything Android, has reportedly received a tip on multiple Android tablets coming from an insider that is close to the Amazon Android tablet situation. The insider is according to AndroidandMe’s records an accurate tipster.

Now why is Amazon even considering jumping into the saturated Android tablet market? Well that hasn’t been answered yet by the company or their outspoken CEO Jeff Bezos, the only answers to questions about tablet speculation to Bezos have been answered with a simple ‘stay tuned’.

Amazon is a very successful online retailer who in recent years has pretty much singlehandedly brought the e-book reader market to the forefront of consumers minds, with their Kindle line of products. The Kindle line is so popular with many main stream consumers that many assumed that Apple actually targeting it with their 2010 launch of the iPad tablet, the iPad was the launching base for Apple’s own mobile e-book store aptly named iBooks.

Amazon Kindle e-book readerThe success in the e-book reader market could be the main reason that Amazon could be going at tablets. ‘We’ve moved millions of Kindles and built strong rapport with consumers we can do the same in the tablet market too’ says the fictitious Amazon tablet advocate in a boardroom meeting.

Can Amazon create devices that can differentiate themselves from the dozens of other Android tablets offered by other major manufacturers? Can they meet the same price points they have been able to get in the e-book reader market? All good questions that time will only be able to tell…if Amazon does actually launch their own tablets.

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