Samsung WQXGA (2560 x 1600) 10-inch Display For Tablets Pictured and Detailed

Samsung 10-inch PenTile RGBW WQXGA display 00A High-resolution display for tablets could soon be on the way thanks to Samsung. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. along with Nuovoyance unveiled a new 10.1-inch tablet display that uses PenTile RGBW technology. The display will get the full unveiling treatment next week at SID Display Week 2011 in California, but the main features and some photos of the raw display have been released today.

Before getting to the info released on the display you should learn a bit about Nouvoyance. Nouvoyance is a company that is owned by Samsung Electronics, they have launched PenTile displays in the past with their partnership with Samsung for phones. The PenTile displays released thus far provided users with vibrant colors and used the RGB technology.

Now on to the display itself. The new display which measures 10.1-inches is going to be the first WQXGA resolution display for tablets yet, but right now specific models that will use it haven’t been announced. The WQXGA resolution on this display has 2560 by 1600 pixels, a ppi (pixel per inch) count of 300, which makes this display also the first ‘retina’ display.

Samsung 10-inch PenTile RGBW WQXGA display 01The main new feature for the display on a technical level is the use of RGBW instead of the standard RGB you get with most displays out there, RGBW keeps the Red, Green and Blue colors and adds support for White. Nouvoyance is convinced the new PenTile displays with the RGBW tech. is going to knock your socks off with it’s vibrancy and overall quality.

Nouvoyance PenTile RGBW versus RGBPenTile RGBW WQXGA Technology Highlights

  • This 10.1-inch tablet panel is capable of 300 cd/m2 of luminance, yet uses 40 percent less power than that used by legacy RGB stripe LCDs in power-saving modes.
  • An outdoor brightness mode of as much as 600 cd/m2 luminance enables viewing in bright ambient lighting.
  • The display’s color gamut is 72 percent., allowing greater color realism than legacy RGB stripe tablet displays that have a typical color gamut of 55 percent NTSC.
  • PenTile technology achieves 300 dpi resolution with two-thirds the number of subpixels, maintaining the VESA/ICDM display resolution standard.

You can see pictures of the raw display throughout this post which come via Nouvoyance and PentileBlog (official blog for Nouvoyance).

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