Apple iPad Blowing Andorid Tablets Out Of The Water In Enterprise, Study Says

Google’s Android OS isn’t too popular in the enterprise tablet market according to Good Technology’ recent study findings. Good Technology just released their Q2 2011 metrics report which covers the enterprise market for tech. exclusively. In their findings Android powered tablets were absolutely no match for Apple’s iOS powered iPad tablets in the surveys top ten enterprise industries. See the graph below for enterprise device activations percentage data from the study

In the graph it’s plain as day that Apple’s iOS platform in the Good Technology findings trumps Google Android platform overall, but the Android tablets don’t really make a contest out of it for the tablet match-up against iPad.

It’s pretty easy for me to see why Google’s Android isn’t doing so well in terms of market presence, there is no emphasis on enterprise in any Android tablets released thus far. The other day Lenovo unveiled their ThinkPad tablet but that device came to late to make any impact on this study. At the time this study was done all the Android tablets available were more consumption devices for consumers while Apple’s iPad, through apps, was the most flexible between consumer and enterprise needs.

Currently Apple is making a big effort to get their iPads into businesses, they recently announced their tablet is either being deployed or being tested in 47 percent of Global 500 and 86 percent of Fortune 500 companies, as of Q3 2011. Apple’s App Store also has a growing number of quality business applications that are designed for use on the iPad, check some out here. Apple has been able to get their feet inside the enterprise market so quickly because they don’t have to worry about getting the consumer market interested anymore, like the Android based tablets are still doing. It always pays to be the first mover, Apple is a testament to that.

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