Apple iPad’s Come Highly Recommended But So Do Cheaper Tablets, Study Finds

Zenithink epad tablet

Zenithink ePad tablet an Apple iPad clone for under $200

Recently research group IHS iSuppi released results from a customer satisfaction study among tablet owners. The study asked tablet owners the question, would you recommend this tablet brand to friends and family?

The study participants were asked to give their brand a rating between 1 and 10 and all scores for each brand were averaged. The results were pretty good for most of the brands and there were even a few surprises in the final averaged scores.

Unsurprisingly Apple topped the list with an average customer rating of 8.8 out of 10. The interesting thing is the company that came after Apple in the study, budget tablet maker Zenithink was second with a rating of 8.75 out of 10. Zenithink got some buzz on the web last year when they released the ePad Android tablet, the ePad is a first generation iPad clone that is under $200 and offers decent connectivity and Google’s Android 2.1 operating system.

However after Zenithink the brands the filled the positions of third, fourth, fifth and so on aren’t too surprising. The third most likely tablet brand for recommendation was Samsung with 8.5, followed by ARCHOS with 8.4 at number four, Motorola with 8.4 at five, at six is ViewSonic with 8.25, Dell is next with 7.8 at number seven, then Acer at either with 7.6, HP at nine with 7.6, Coby at ten with a solid 7, and finally Toshiba rounded out the top eleven with a 6.7. There was a final spot for ‘other’ tablet brands which received a 6.8 but the names of the tablets in that group weren’t listed.

The results of this study show that people can enjoy cheaper tablets at the same level as those who spend a few hundred dollars more for their tablets. This is a good thing.

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