Intimate Details For Sony’s Android Tablets Leaked

Sony S1 and S2 Tablets Hands-on By Notebook Italia

Sony S1 and S2 Tablets unveiled. Image credit: Notebook Italia

Sony is going to launch two tablets later this year, that’s been established, however the more precise details surround the impending tablets are still milling. To fill some of the missing blanks a new anonymous tipster has reached out to online tech news site CNET. The source has revealed how Sony plans to launch the tablet we know now as the S1, the source is also revealing precise details on specifications for the S1 tablet and the dual-screen S2 tablet.

Apparently Sony will launch the S1 with two size options 16 GB’s and 32 GB’s and each of those sizes will come with either a Wi-Fi only or a Wi-Fi+3G wireless configuration. As for the S2 tablet a 16 GB and a 32 GB model will be available but only with Wi-Fi+3G wireless connectivity. –The Sony S2 part seems a bit wrong, AT&T Wireless has already announced they will get the S2 on their 4G HSPA+ network.

In specification revelations, or clarifications, the CNET source only offers the goods for the tablet known now as the S1. According to the source the S1 will be the only one of the two Sony tablets to come with expandable storage through an SD card slot, also the S1′s 9.4-inch display is said to use IPS technology with Sony TruBlack and Bravia technologies, and the battery life on the S1 is said to be comparable to the Apple iPad 2 (which is rated at 10 hours by Apple).

The source also mentions that the S1 will have a option Bluetooth keyboard accessory that’s designed to attach onto the back of the tablet when it’s not in use, that keyboard won’t be the only accessory at launch though.

At launch Sony will announce the real names they plan to ship the current S1 and S2 tablets under, the source said. Sony has called both tablets by their current names ever since they were unveiled back in March.

Sony is expected to release both the 9.4-inch Sony S1 and the dual 5.5-inch Sony S2 with Android Honeycomb at IFA 2011 in Berlin. IFA 2011 is kicking off this year on September 2nd and ‘the largest consumer electronics show in Europe’ will wrap things up on Sept. 7th. Previous word from Sony said the two tablets were indeed coming this Fall.

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