Lootiful Preparing Apple iPad 2 Case With Nintendo Game Boy Theme

Lootiful Game Boy Apple iPad 2 caseThere are literally tons of different Apple iPad 2 cases available on the market from third-party manufacturers, and if you want your case to make some sales you’ll need to be creative with your design.

An upcoming case from Lootiful is an example of coming up with a creative design. Lootiful is preparing to launch their first case for the Apple iPad with an iPad 2 case that turns the back of the tablet into a large Nintendo Game Boy handheld from the 1980′s.

The Lootiful case is available for pre-orders only at this time and the company isn’t unveiling the final price just yet for this unique case. However the company does sell smaller cases like the upcoming iPad 2 case but just for the iPhone 4 and they cost $18USD each.

I’m not sure if this case will be heavy on flare and light on substance but I’m positive that I’ve never seen an iPad 2 case that looks anything like it.

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