Motorola XOOM Follow-up To Be Named “Motorola Kore”, XOOM 2 Unlikely (Update: False alarm)

Motorola Kore domain registrations

Update: Fusible has learned that the motorola kore device will be a pair of headphones and not a tablet. Motorola XOOM 2 back on the board.

If you were a fan of the name Motorola XOOM and you were hoping Motorola would just slap a number 2 to the end for their next tablet, sorry that’s not likely. Today some new domain registrations, spotted by Fusible, show that the next Motorola tablet will most likely be named Motorola Kore.

What’s going to be in the Kore? Well there have been rumors that Motorola wants to go quad-core for their next tablet release, possibly the NVIDIA Tegra 3 that’s supposed to be in new tablets starting this Fall. Also there has been rumor that Motorola was testing out a new 10.1-inch tablet that boasts a resolution of 2048-by-1536 pixels. Lastly but most obviously the next Motorola tablet is expected to have a 4G LTE option, something the Motorola XOOM promise but is still yet to deliver on.

The rumored features sound fantastic but it’s one thing for a rumor to say something and another for Motorola to actually present a tablet with those features this year. However something that can’t be doubted is the fact that new Motorola tablets are coming soon. Recently the Motorola Mobility Inc. CEO Sanjay Jha, said that a 10-inch tablet as well as a smaller model would launch in the second half of this year with 4G LTE.

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