HTC’s Android Honeycomb Skin Leaks, The Puccini Tablet Should Be Alright

HTC 10-inch tablet front leakHTC has put their custom skins on every Android operating system they’ve gotten their hands on, but they handset maker hasn’t gotten their shot at Android 3.x Honeycomb just yet. However soon the company will launch their first Android 3.x Honeycomb powered tablet with the 10-inch HTC Puccini. Do you want to see some screenshots of the HTC Sense UI for Honeycomb that’s going to be included with the Puccini? Check out this gallery:

The handset obsessed folks at Pocketnow got the exclusive scoop on the new HTC customized Android Honeycomb that’s going to come with the Puccini, just like they were the first to get info and a photo of the HTC Puccini earlier this year.

When you looked at the screenshots you should have noticed two new icons on the Honeycomb System Bar, a pen and a new logo design for the multi-tasking button. The pen icon is present because HTC plans to include a stylus pen with the Puccini that will work with HTC original software built-in to the OS, like the HTC Flyer.

Also if you’re familiar with Android 3.x Honeycomb you should have noticed that HTC has resigned the keyboard and all the system menus which get shown. The stock Android experience offers colors that are darker but HTC has switched to lighter colors. HTC has also gone in and changed the icons or fonts for a lot of the system menus.

The last thing you should have noticed in the screenshots is the presence of AT&T Wireless pre-installed software. If you’ve ever bought a non-Apple phone from AT&T you should recognize the pre-installed software as carrier exclusive bloatware. It’s not clear if you’ll be able to delete the applications with ease from the Puccini. The Puccini is said to be coming to AT&T with 4G later this year, no word on pricing.

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