Predictions: Non-Apple tablets expected to grow as much as 134% in 2012

Tablet on display at CompUSA

Some tablets on display at a CompUSA store. Image credit: CompUSA

In prediction news today some new 2012 forecasts have been published and Apple’s growth rate is expected to be eclipsed by more than double by other competitors.

Apple sells tablets under the iPad line and in 2012 they’re expected to launch the new iPad 3DigiTimes reports that market watchers foresee Apple’s tablet shipments growing by 55% in 2012. Currently Apple is the runaway leader when it comes to tablet shipments, they’re estimated to have shipped over 35 million iPads thus far (including 2010 and all of 2011 to Q3).

Apple’s competitors include many of the old faces from the PC industry but most of Apple’s competitors are rallying around Google’s Android operating system. Apple’s competitors are expected to see a big 134% increase in shipments for 2012. DigiTimes reports that market watchers credit the eventual launch of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS (wiki) and the impending release of tablets with quad-core chips like the Nvidia Tegra 3.

The growth predictions are good for the tablet market as a whole, the market watchers see the market growing in 2012 and not receding. There are still some people still think that tablets are only a fad, a strong 2012 should quiet the naysayers.

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