Report: Sprint 4G WiMAX Apple iPad 2 in time for the holidays

If rumors are true Apple and Sprint have finished work on the first 4G WiMAX equipped iPad 2 and the finished product is being released this year just before the holiday season starts.

What do you think of that? Sprint is a network that is beloved by mobile phone users but at this time their 4G WiMAX tablet line-up is pretty thin, only HTC’s View 4G is a member of that group. Apple and Sprint have never officially worked together on any devices, despite Apple being a big player in the smartphone business, but this year rumors have been abound that Sprint would release their first Apple iPhone and now the rumor mill also says their adding their first iPad this year too.

As you might expect with me using the term rumor none of this info has been confirmed by Apple or Sprint. None of this is likely to be confirmed until the launch is right around the corner too. If I were you (someone in need of a Sprint iPad 2) I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high until all of this is confirmed by an official press release and or event.

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