Viewsonic to bring stable of tablets to Mobile World Congress 2012 [Updated: More models]

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The next major trade show after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is Mobile World Congress (MWC). Now unlike CES the MWC trade show isn’t held in Las Vegas, Nevada exclusively actually MWC is held annually in Barcelona, Spain. At MWC tech companies show off product that they intend to release in the near future or technologies that they are working on the distant future, in many ways MWC is pretty much Europe’s version of CES.

Last year at the MWC 2011 show there were a ton of new tablets put on display from companies like ASUS, Samsung and LG which were launched later in the year. And this years show isn’t expected to be any different.

ViewSonic’s new 7-inch tablet tipped early

One tablet maker that has made it presence felt at both CES and MWC shows has been ViewSonic. The company which makes electronics has introduced five tablets in the past year and almost all of them were shown for the first time at either CES or MWC shows. And this year, for MWC 2012, ViewSonic is expect to introduce a new 7-inch tablet.

ViewSonic logoIn the past ViewSonic has shown a real fondness for the 7-inch tablet market. The electronics maker currently ships four different kinds of 7-inch tablets; the first-born ViewPad 7, the White colored ViewPad 7e, the Honeycomb powered ViewPad 7x and inexpensive ViewBook 730 that doubles as a fully capable e-reader. ViewSonic’s new model is said to be named ViewSonic ViewPad G70, if an early online listing is to be believed.

With the new G70 the folks at ViewSonic has put together yet another 3G 7-inch tablet with a 1024×600 resolution touchscreen LCD, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of built-in storage, and two cameras. The G70′s features aren’t very inspiring given how previous ViewPad tablets like the ViewPad 7 for instance have been specced out. It seems as though ViewSonic doesn’t want to really improve on their previous models like the ViewPad 7 with the new G70, but instead they want to rehash old features.

From the brief specification sheet listed for the G70 on retailer CostCentral’s website the G70 is going to be equipped with Google’s new Android 4.0 operating system. Currently ViewSonic only offers one tablet with Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS, all of their other tablets have Android 2.x software installed on them.

Currently there are no photos for the ViewSonic ViewPad G70 available online, so nobody really knows how much different or the same the G70 looks compared to other 7-inch ViewPad tablets. The only bit of info available about the G70′s appearance comes from an unnamed Pocket-lint source who claims the new G70 has an ultra-light design. Also there are no real hard details about what kind of processor is inside the G70 tablet, ViewSonic could shock me and launch the G70 as their first quad-core tablet.

Right now everyone is looking forward to next weeks MWC 2012 event kick-off as the stage that ViewSonic will use to unveil the G70 tablet.


A few more models that ViewSonic will unveil at MWC 2012 have been detailed. For their Android catalog ViewSonic plans on introducing the 9.7-inch ViewPad E100 tablet with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and a 1024 x 768 (XGA) resolution IPS LCD. Not to be all Android this year ViewSonic is also adding a new Windows 7 tablet PC with the 10-inch ViewPad P100 which features a 1280×800 (WXGA) resolution IPS LCD.

The in addition to it’s 9.7-inch XGA IPS display and Android 4.0 the ViewPad E100 is supposed to also come with a 1GHz processor, HDMI, USB 2.0, microSD and everything will be fit into a 620g chassis that is 9.1mm thick. The only real firsts for the E100 tablet are the IPS display and the Android 4.0 OS, ViewSonic tends to offer regular TN panels for their ViewPad tablets and they’ve never launched an Android 4.0 tablet.

ViewSonic ViewPad P100Right now the Windows 7 powered ViewPad P100 is said to feature a dual-core 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N2600 processor –which comes with the Intel GMA 3600 integrated graphics chip, and dual cameras (1x front, 1x rear) in addition the 10-inch WXGA IPS LCD. For the ViewPad P100 tablet PC the very new things include the tablets dual-core Intel Atom processor –the N2600 is a part of Intel’s new Cedar Trail Atom processor family–, and the IPS LCD panel.

At this time there is no info on the pricing for the ViewPad E100 or the P100. However MWC 2012 is literally only days away so those details should come to light soon enough.

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