More talk of new tablets from Hewlett-Packard

The tablet market hasn’t been very good to Hewlett-Packard (HP), the only time a tablet of theirs has flown off the shelves it came with a net loss of hundreds of dollars on each unit sold. No matter how slow they’ve been to get things going in the tablet space HP is still looking forward to making another attempt at the market.

HP Logo Emblem

According to a the companies new CEO Meg Whitman we should be seeing a Windows 8 tablet PC with Intel inside before the end of this year. That’s right HP is going to trying and launch another Windows tablet, but this time they’ll at least have a version of Windows that was designed with tablets almost solely in mind.

Whitman gave no specifics about the tablet besides Intel being the company they plan to turn too for the tablets processing chip needs. However in that admission alone HP has all but confirmed their Windows 8 tablet will run an X86 processor and not ARM, remember that Windows 8 will be able to run on ARM based systems albeit with limited functionality due to software incompatibility.

At this time Microsoft hasn’t released a firm release date for Windows 8, but PC makers like HP seem to think that the new operating system will be launched this year. We’ll see what happens as the year rolls on.

HP has favored Windows for tablets in the past

HP tablets up to feb 2012

From right: HP Slate 500, HP TouchPad, HP Slate 2

Over the past two years HP has managed to release only three tablets, and when I say tablets I mean slate styled tablet computers. They launched the 9.7-inch HP Slate 500 with Windows 7 in 2010, they followed that up by launching their first and last WebOS tablet the 9.7-inch HP TouchPad, and finally in late 2011 the company launched the 8.9-inch HP Slate 2 as a follow-up to the HP Slate 500 from 2010.

HP has shown that they life Windows most for tablets with their product history and with Windows 8 they can finally make consumer focused tablets that run Windows –the HP Slate 500 and Slate 2 were both targeted towards professional customers.

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