ViewSonic’s new 2012 tablets could be too expensive for some

ViewSonic logoViewSonic logoViewSonic has unveiled two new Android powered tablets, the 7-inch ViewSonic ViewPad G70 and the 9.7-inch ViewSonic ViewPad E100. According to the tablet maker both tablets will launch in the second quarter of 2012 in Europe with lightly customized versions of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Pricing for both tablets is estimated at under $399 for the 7-inch G70 and under $499 for the 9.7-inch E100.

The G70 vs. other 7-inch tablets

ViewSonic ViewPad G70

Image: The Verge

Design wise ViewSonic’s ViewPad G70 tablet is akin to the Dell Streak 7 Android tablet from last year. The G70 has hardware buttons located on the front and there is a fairly sized bezel that is glossy in nature that surrounds the tablets 7-inch touchscreen LCD.

However internally the features reported for the G70 make the tablet sound like a much cheaper device than it’s ~$399 price implies. Currently in the $399 price range Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablet which runs Android 3.2 Honeycomb, is powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, offers a sexy aluminum design and a includes a 7-inch screen (1024×600 pixels, Samsung PLS LCD touchscreen). Simply put the ViewPad G70 doesn’t really hold a candle to Samsung’s tablet, which was released in late 2011 by the way.

The G70 is reported as featuring a 1024×600 resolution 7-inch touchscreen, a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, HDMI, micro-USB, mini-USB, a 0.3MP front camera and 2MP rear camera, 4GB of internal storage (the based model Samsung has 16GB), and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS is coming pre-installed. The ViewSonic tablet only has a more current version of Android over the Samsung tablet, but with a firmware update Samsung could negate that advantage very easily.

Now compared to the Amazon Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet the ViewPad G70 really isn’t all that attractive. Because the dual-core Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are just $199 for 8GB Wi-Fi models.

The costly E100

ViewSonic ViewPad E100

The ViewSonic ViewPad E100 is designed with Black plastic, but the back of the tablet has a soft rubber finish.

The ViewSonic ViewPad E100 offers more than the ViewPad G70, but for more money. ViewSonic is going to include a 9.7-inch 1024×768 resolution IPS display, a 1GHz processor, HDMI, USB, microSD and Android 4.0. The size of the E100 is akin to the iPad and a few other 10-inch tablets, however compared to the G70 it’s a bulkier tablet (shocking that a 9.7-inch tablet would be larger than a 7-inch one, I know).

At around $499 the E100 doesn’t offer industry leading style or unheard of performance features. Actually the E100′s only luxurious feature is it’s IPS LCD display –IPS screens offer better picture quality with wider viewing angles leading them to cost more money to include in a tablet than your standard TN LCD screen. Other than the IPS display the E100 is hard to tell apart from any whitebox 10-inch Android tablet from China.

With tablets like the iPad 2 to compete with the E100 will be a hard sell for ViewSonic when the tablet is released.

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