A 7-inch Apple iPad is more likely now than ever before

The mythical 7-inch Apple iPad now appears to be a more likely next step for Apple, Inc.. In recent weeks there have been many signs that Apple has actually been pretty open to the idea of launching a 7-inch iPad tablet, and just the other day leaked photos of a 7-inch aluminium iPad shell added more fodder to the fire.

Recently e-mails in favor of a 7-inch iPad have surfaced. The main e-mail of interest is one between Apple’s Senior Vice President (SVP) of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, and other Apple executives Scott Forstall (SVP of iOS Software), Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) and Phil Schiller (SVP of marketing).

In the message Cue says he is confident in the future of 7-inch tablets and goes as far as to say that in his private conversations with Steve Jobs even he started showing signs of being convinced by 7-inch tablets. Cue said the only area that 7-inch tablets lagged behind larger tablets was the web browsing experience.

Below you can check out a screenshot of the exact e-mail message I’m referring to below:

Now after reading that and seeing the purported photos of the aluminum shell for Apple’s 7-inch iPad I believe Apple really is getting ready to launch a ‘iPad Mini’. The 9.7-inch iPad is so well placed now that I don’t think sales of the larger model will be affected that much by a smaller model, because Apple would be, in effect, adding all new customers to their iPad line. With the rise of 7-inch tablets in popularity Apple’s iPad sales haven’t faltered at all, so there is a larger tablet market out there for Apple to go after.

Also, now that Google has decided to put their Nexus brand name behind an Android tablet, the 7-inch Nexus 7, now is a perfect time for Apple to launch a 7-inch iPad to compete with the Nexus and other successful 7-inch tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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