Android tablet revealed with a quality 9.7-inch that has iPad 2-like resolution, small price tag

The design of the Prestigio Multi 9.7 allows you to hold the tablet without feeling like your holding something that you got for cheap. Images: Notebook Italia A 9.7-inch tablet, many thought it was an awkward bet for Apple in 2010 to release their first tablet with that particular screen size. Now in 2012 Apple has proved … Read more

Lootiful Preparing Apple iPad 2 Case With Nintendo Game Boy Theme

There are literally tons of different Apple iPad 2 cases available on the market from third-party manufacturers, and if you want your case to make some sales you’ll need to be creative with your design. An upcoming case from Lootiful is an example of coming up with a creative design. Lootiful is preparing to launch their first case for … Read more

The New Yorker Is Doing Well On The Apple iPad

The New Yorker on the Apple iPad The digital newspaper business is going pretty well for the New Yorker. The publication went digital last year on the Apple iPad and since then there have been multiple publishers to launch iPad editions of their papers as well. According to a new report by The New York Times 100,000 people have … Read more

Intimate Details For Sony’s Android Tablets Leaked

Sony S1 and S2 Tablets unveiled. Image credit: Notebook Italia Sony is going to launch two tablets later this year, that’s been established, however the more precise details surround the impending tablets are still milling. To fill some of the missing blanks a new anonymous tipster has reached out to online tech news site CNET. The … Read more

Apple’s iPad App Treasure Chest Their Most Valuable Commodity For Tablets

Looking for reasons why people buy this a certain product over dozens of other options will forever be on the minds of analysts (market watchers). Trying to figure out why millions of people are buying the Apple iPad is just the latest question. Some say people are buying iPad’s over other tablets because it is a status … Read more