Fusion Garage Coming With New JooJoo 2 Tablet Soon

Fusion Garage released the JooJoo tablet earlier this past summer, their first product ever. The company, who is currently in litigation over the tablet, didn’t see too much success with the 12.1″ JooJoo. The company is hoping for a better go in 2011 when they plan to release a new Android backed JooJoo 2 tablet. The new JooJoo … Read more

Mintpass Proclaims A Dual Screen and Dual Boot Tablet Coming In 2011

Mintpass out of Korea has announced today they will be getting into the tablet market with dual screen and dual boot touch tablet in 2011. The tablet will come with dual displays akin to the way the Toshiba Libretto W100 does. The tablet according to reports will dual boot Android and Windows 7. At this time Mintpass has chosen not … Read more

Surprise, The MSI 2011 Tablet Game Plan Experiences An Adjustment

MSI has now made it known that they are jumping off the Android 2.2 bandwagon for their 2011 tablet the Wind Pad. The company will instead make use of the yet released Android 3.0 OS, Google is in the final stages of getting 3.0 ready currently. The MSI Wind Pad is expected to come with the Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC … Read more