A 7-inch Apple iPad is more likely now than ever before

The mythical 7-inch Apple iPad now appears to be a more likely next step for Apple, Inc.. In recent weeks there have been many signs that Apple has actually been pretty open to the idea of launching a 7-inch iPad tablet, and just the other day leaked photos of a 7-inch aluminium iPad shell added … Read more

The Google Nexus Table Really Looks Like It’s About To Get Released

Google has been rumored to be readying a Nexus tablet for a few years now, ever since the Apple iPad was released and attained some measure of success in 2010 really. However nothing official has ever been announced about a Google branded Nexus tablet. Motorola XOOM 10.1-inch tablet Some thought that the 2011 Motorola XOOM 10.1-inch tablet was going to … Read more

Google’s First Branded Tablet To Be A 7-inch Quad-Core ASUS Tablet?

The first Google Nexus tablet looks like it will be a 7-inch Asus produced device with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor. Specifications posted online for a tablet being refereed to as “Google Asus Nexus 7″ have led many to believe that Asus has been selected to manufacturer the first Nexus tablet. According to a Rightware.com product listing the … Read more

Chicago publisher planning a free or subsidized tablet for subscribers, modified Android OS likely

The L.A. Times is available on the Apple iPad tablet. A tablet can make for a good e-reader device for those not partial to devices like the Amazon Kindle. Publishers have realized this and launched digital editions of their content for tablets through services like Zinio or through their own tablet applications. Some publishers feel that … Read more

Motorola XOOM Follow-up To Be Named “Motorola Kore”, XOOM 2 Unlikely (Update: False alarm)

Update: Fusible has learned that the motorola kore device will be a pair of headphones and not a tablet. Motorola XOOM 2 back on the board. If you were a fan of the name Motorola XOOM and you were hoping Motorola would just slap a number 2 to the end for their next tablet, sorry that’s not likely. Today some new … Read more

Intimate Details For Sony’s Android Tablets Leaked

Sony S1 and S2 Tablets unveiled. Image credit: Notebook Italia Sony is going to launch two tablets later this year, that’s been established, however the more precise details surround the impending tablets are still milling. To fill some of the missing blanks a new anonymous tipster has reached out to online tech news site CNET. The … Read more

Amazon Throwing Caution To The Wind And Launching Multiple Android Tablets, Rumor Has It

Amazon could be in the lab cooking up multiple Google Android OS based tablets if new rumors prove true. AndroidandMe, a website dedicated to everything Android, has reportedly received a tip on multiple Android tablets coming from an insider that is close to the Amazon Android tablet situation. The insider is according to AndroidandMe’s records an accurate tipster. Now why … Read more