Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablets and Nifty Accessories

Microsoft, Inc. went ahead yesterday and did what everyone expected them to do, announce their own tablet. Ever since details about Microsoft’s next version of Windows, named Windows 8, were leaked last year everyone assumed that Microsoft would launch a new tablet to go along with their new touch-friendly operating system. At a last-minute press event … Read more

Nokia is still working steadfastly on a tablet, hopefully it’s beautiful

Is Nokia working on a tablet? Nokia was first rumored to have a tablet in the works last year when some patented design sketches were leaked online. The sketches showed a general design, but they were just sketches seeing a real physical prototype Nokia tablet would have been a lot more convincing. Other than seeing sketches of … Read more

More talk of new tablets from Hewlett-Packard

The tablet market hasn’t been very good to Hewlett-Packard (HP), the only time a tablet of theirs has flown off the shelves it came with a net loss of hundreds of dollars on each unit sold. No matter how slow they’ve been to get things going in the tablet space HP is still looking forward … Read more